About Me

Hey guys, Kelsey here! Welcome to Kels Says! It truly means so much to me that you’re visiting this space I’ve created! I started this blog as a creative outlet inspired by my desire to share pieces of my life and positivity.  I’ve always had a love for writing, and can talk or write for hours when I’m genuinely interested and passionate about something.

Now why you actually visited this page – to know more about me : I’m currently a student at Georgia Tech studying computer science and interactive design. I love photography, cooking, laughing, COFFEE, and absolutely anything to do with music. I’m obsessed with Scandal and How To Get Away With Murder, and have watched the Toy Story movies so many times I could probably recite the script.

There’s no way I could’ve gotten through a lot of things in my life and be where I am today without various forms of inspiration and positivity. I strive for Kels Says to be a platform where you find experiences, opinions, and what I hope to be inspiration from my perspective as a college student.

This isn’t another “ultimate guide for college aged women ” or an “all encompassing self improvement manual”. Of course I hope you find those things, but I also won’t pretend that I have it all together.  So come on this journey with me and join my little corner of the internet!

I hope to connect with each of you and your feedback means the world to me! So feel free to comment on posts as well as contact me through my various social media accounts on my sidebar!

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