August 11, 2016

Lately I’ve been feeling like I owe others and myself more authenticity.  This summer has been an overwhelming rollercoaster of ups and really intense downs. I haven’t sat down to write or even visited my blog since my latest surgery 4 weeks ago. Publishing anything over the past few weeks would’ve only been because I felt like I had to post new content – and that’s not what I want this space to reflect.

So I’m pausing and re evaluating.

God has been placing the word season really heavily on my heart lately. Reminding me that this is a season of my life that will pass.

A season of 4 surgeries in 365 days. A season of physical pain. A season of friends leaving and disappearing when things get hard. A season of having to live back at home instead of continuing at school. A season of my life completely crashing into millions of pieces, while I can only wait for the debris to clear. Read more…

July Playlist 2016

July 13, 2016

July Playlist 2016 Title Image

Happy July!! Hope you’re having an amazing summer so far! June was crazy for me so I’m loving the fresh start of a new month.

Other than lounging around a bunch this month, I took a vacation to Clearwater Beach, and I’ve really been getting back into playing guitar and photography. So the songs below have kind of been my personal “soundtrack” of the past 30 days! Read more…

Sweat & Heat Proof Summer Makeup

July 9, 2016

Heat Proof Summer Makeup Title Image

Here in Atlanta, summer comes with a brutal and pretty relentless heat wave.  When I wear makeup (aka when I’m not spending the entire day inside lounging around) I like for it to look as natural as possible and feel fresh – not cakey! Most importantly I don’t want it to melt off my face! Here are the products I’m using this summer and a few tips to make your makeup sweat and heat proof! Read more…

9 Ways To Boost Your Happiness Today

June 30, 2016

 Happiness Boost Title Image


We’ve all those mornings, days, or even weeks where we’re just completely in a rut and can’t shake the feeling of sadness or anger. You know what I mean right? When you wake up and just feel anything other than happy.

Here’s a pick me up – just for you.



First off, be grateful and happy that you are alive. Our lives are so valuable and short and I feel like we take them and the lives of others for granted. A few months ago 4 girls lost their lives in a car accident near their college here in Georgia. I didn’t personally know these girls, but this tragedy shook several communities and families and could have happened to anyone. It’s really made me think twice about the value of life and how we choose to spend our time and energy. Every single moment we should be grateful for the day ahead and the true opportunity we have to live. Read more…

June Playlist 2016

June 11, 2016

June Playlist

Happy summer guys!

I can’t believe 2016 is half way over…like what??

As I said in one of my earlier posts I love this time of year in the music industry because artist put out some of their best work in an attempt to have the album or song of the summer. And over the past couple weeks new albums and songs have been dropping like crazy! Read more…

Dear High School Graduates

May 31, 2016

Dear High School Graduates, (1)

This weekend I stood with my family outside of an arena in a sea of 18 year olds wearing the same royal blue gown and surrounded by teary eyed parents and shouts of “Smile!” and “Congrats!”. My younger brother graduated high school this weekend and while I wish he would stop growing up, I’m SO incredibly proud of him. We attended the same high school (and now we’re going to the same college!!!) so going to his graduation ceremony completely took me back to my graduation two years ago. Read more…

May Playlist 2016

May 12, 2016

May Playlist 2016

Hey guys! For some of you finals week is FINALLY over and your break has officially begun! I love this “pre-summer” time of year – it’s not ridiculously hot yet, it’s the perfect time to start making plans for the next few months off, and artists usually start releasing what’ll go down as “the hits of the summer”. Read more…

5 Ways To Make It Through Finals Week

May 3, 2016

5 Ways to Make It Through Finals Week


The semester is coming to an end and you might be having all the feels that seem to come packaged with finals week. My finals weeks are always filled with ridiculous amounts of Starbucks, 50 tabs of information open on my laptop, and tables covered in notebooks and sticky notes. Unfortunately there’s no way around your exams , but I have a few ways to reduce your stress and hopefully make this week a little easier for you. Read more…

My Spring Beauty Essentials

April 19, 2016


All Spring Beauty Products 2


Spring is a time to switch things up and refresh routines! I love any opportunity to use new and different beauty products. So as the weather gets a little warmer, I’m lightening up the products I use for a more fresh look and feel.  Read more…

April Playlist 2016

April 10, 2016

April Playlist 2016Happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend! If you follow me on Instagram then you may know that I spent the weekend making more content for you guys and binge watching the first season of Orange Is The New Black. I’m obviously super behind, but better late than never right?!
Read more…

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