Top 5 Grammy Moments 2016

February 16, 2016

I love absolutely everything about music and would literally live, eat, and breathe it if I could. So naturally, I was extremely excited for the Grammy’s this year. There are countless music award shows throughout the year and I’ll admit I hardly watch even half, but the Grammy’s are definitely “Music’s Night of the Year” and the pinnacle of them all. So here are my Top 5 Favorite Grammy Moments from the 58th Annual Award Show!


1. Best Dressed

First off, the red carpet was amazinggggg last night! There were so many stunning looks! A few of my faves were Ellie Goulding, Bella Hadid, and Zendaya.

Grammy's 2016 Red Carpet

I fell in love with Ellie Goulding’s dress! Loved the pale pink and especially the delicate silver along the back cutout. Bella Hadid killed it on the red carpet in a slightly shimmery black gown. Between the deep V-neck, waist cutouts, and two leg slits, she definitely pulled off a sexy look without overdoing it. There were a lot of mixed opinions about Zendaya’s David Bowie inspired look last night. The mullet was definitely different but I love how she’s so versatile and slays in anything she wears! She’s one of the few people that could really pull off that outfit and hair style. I thought she looked amazing!

2. Kendrick Lamar’s Power

Kendrick Lamar’s emotionally charged performance was everything and more. Unquestionably one of my favorites of the night. He began in blue prison wear and shackles around his wrists while his band performed behind bars. The most compelling part of the performance was the camera’s fast cutting shots of his face from all different angles. It added another dimension to his performance making it feel like more than one person was delivering his powerful words. I can’t even put the rest into words, check it out below!


3. Tori Kelly + James Bay = ?

My second favorite performance was the collab between Tori Kelly and James Bay. The acoustic arrangement of their songs “Hollow” and “Let it Go” was absolutely beautiful. I’ve been a fan of Tori Kelly’s for a few years now, and remember seeing her at a small venue here in Atlanta. It was equally surreal and amazing to see how her career has carried her all the way to the Grammy Stage. I’m totally a sucker for any kind of acoustic performance and loved how they intertwined their songs. Watch it here !

4. Tributes Galore

There were quite a few tributes throughout the night. My favorites were Lady Gaga’s to David Bowie and Stevie Wonder/Pentatonix’s to Maurice White from Earth Wind and Fire. Lady Gaga undoubtedly did David Bowie’s music and legacy justice. I loved the hologram graphics on Gaga’s face and can’t image anyone else in the music industry putting on a beautiful performance like she did. Pentatonix joined Stevie Wonder to do an amazing rendition of Earth Wind and Fire’s “That’s the Way of the World” and their harmonies were pure perfection.

5. Alabama Shakes

Last but not least, I loved everything about Alabama Shakes last night. They won the Grammy for Best Alternative Album and later they performed “Don’t Wanna Fight”. I’d heard a few mentions of the band over the past few months, and maybe a song or two, but last night I became a genuine fan. I’m obsessed with their sound and their ability to blend together rock and soul. I listened to their album Sound and Color twice last night; you should definitely check it out!


I will say I was SO disappointed Rihanna and Lauryn Hill didn’t perform as promised 🙁

But year after year musicians seem to top themselves and show up to the Grammy’s with increasingly stunning outfits and mind-blowing performances. Let me know your favorite (or maybe least favorite) moments in the comments!!



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