9 Ways To Boost Your Happiness Today

June 30, 2016

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We’ve all those mornings, days, or even weeks where we’re just completely in a rut and can’t shake the feeling of sadness or anger. You know what I mean right? When you wake up and just feel anything other than happy.

Here’s a pick me up – just for you.



First off, be grateful and happy that you are alive. Our lives are so valuable and short and I feel like we take them and the lives of others for granted. A few months ago 4 girls lost their lives in a car accident near their college here in Georgia. I didn’t personally know these girls, but this tragedy shook several communities and families and could have happened to anyone. It’s really made me think twice about the value of life and how we choose to spend our time and energy. Every single moment we should be grateful for the day ahead and the true opportunity we have to live.

There are so many people around the world and even in your neighborhood that are truly fighting for the right and ability to live. People that can’t breathe or eat without the assistance of a machine…people that don’t have a house or bed to sleep on…people that are a part of the 27 million still trapped in slavery.

Don’t take your life for granted. No matter how unhappy you are, appreciate the not so simple fact that you’re breathing, your heart is beating, and you have a life to live.




Misery loves company. The worst thing you can do when you’re unhappy is surround yourself with people that are full of negativity and complete downers. You know exactly who I’m talking about right? Those people that never have anything positive to contribute to a situation and seem to always find something wrong.

So if your best friend is in a terrible mood too, maybe distance yourself from them for a little while – at least until you’re in a better headspace. Everyone needs to vent and have a mini pity party every once in a while, but you’ll never feel happy if you just keep bouncing negative emotions and energy back and forth.

Find people that genuinely make your heart happy. That you can have conversations with and not feel drained when you leave. Having people in your life you can turn to for a good cry sesh or laugh and you truly leave feeling better afterwards – that’s golden.




When I’m in a rut I notice that doing anything on my phone tends to only make me feel worse. Instead of refreshing your social media feed over and over again to see what everyone else is doing, try focusing on yourself. It might help to just completely turn your phone off for a solid hour and find other ways to distract yourself from your negative thoughts and feelings…




“Look good, feel good” is one of my favorite phrases! No matter what you’re doing today, throw on something that makes you feel good. If I wake up in a bad mood or feel like I’m about to have a terrible day, I do my best to spend time putting on a little makeup and wearing something that makes me feel good. It makes such a difference!



I have a terrible habit of complaining … but I think we all do right?

Take a sec and think about how many times you’ve said something was wrong today or spoke about something negatively. “I’m so tired…” , “I hate my class/job…”, “This weather sucks…” But it’s not just you! Everyone around us constantly says things like this, and it becomes so easy for the same things to come out of our mouths without even thinking twice. So break the cycle and try shifting your conversations and thoughts to a more positive focus.

I was in a ton of pain during the first couple months after my recent surgery. When people asked “how was I doing”, I had to do my best to not go on and on with complaints because I would only be rehearsing the pain. I’m definitely not saying you should lie or avoid saying how you truly feel. But I noticed that it felt better to not continually talk about how much pain I was in or how everything honestly just sucked at the time.

I challenge you to try going the next 24 hours without complaining about a single thing! Notice how much happier you feel when you stop talking about the things that make you unhappy.



A surefire way to boost your happiness is by doing something you love! If photography is your thing get outside and go for a shoot! Maybe playing an instrument or watching the Bachelorette puts your mind at ease. Whatever your thing is – do it!



Listening to music can easily put a smile on my face, so when I’m feeling down I instantly turn to one of the playlists below!


Being in a slump, stressed, or unmotivated is so overwhelming. I find that completely stopping everything and taking at least five minutes to myself can boost my happiness even the slightest amount. Try sitting in silence and reflecting on as many things as you can that you’re grateful for and can truly be happy about.

It might take a little while to shift your frame of mind and even start thinking positively when you’re so overwhelmed, but one by one you’ll start finding things that are going well in your life and can bring you some measure of happiness. When you do – focus on those things. Make them the center of your thoughts and repeat those positive things to yourself over and over and over…truly be grateful for them.



Treat yo self! Take a break from whatever has you feeling down and go on that shopping spree you’ve been saving up for. Binge watch your favorite show. Take a much deserved nap. Put on every fuzzy piece of clothing you own. Go for a long drive. Ice.Cream. Love on yourself by doing something for yourself. You deserve it.

Happiness can be so fragmented and multidimensional. You can be happy with one area of your life but completely unhappy with a different part. So is happiness just an all or nothing feeling?

It’s up to you if that positive aspect of your life outweighs the negative parts.

What do you do to boost your happiness when you’re feeling down? Let me know in the comments!

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  • These are all wonderful tips! Being grateful that we are alive and breathing is something that many of us take for granted, so I’m happy that you began your post with that. Reading is something that will always put me in a better mood 🙂

    Kathlyn | Kathlyn’s Korner

    • Kelsey

      Thanks Kathlyn!! Our lives are so incredibly precious, and I really wish everyone would take a second each day to realize that. I totally agree – reading is a mood booster for me too 🙂

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