Dear High School Graduates

May 31, 2016

Dear High School Graduates, (1)

This weekend I stood with my family outside of an arena in a sea of 18 year olds wearing the same royal blue gown and surrounded by teary eyed parents and shouts of “Smile!” and “Congrats!”. My younger brother graduated high school this weekend and while I wish he would stop growing up, I’m SO incredibly proud of him. We attended the same high school (and now we’re going to the same college!!!) so going to his graduation ceremony completely took me back to my graduation two years ago.

I remember when I was in my brother’s position, and looking back I wish someone would’ve told me what to expect after shaking my principles hand, after the pictures, after the parties.


Keeping it short and sweet:


You finally made it! This is the moment you’ve been working towards for the past 13 years and you’re finally here. You deserve this and should be so proud of your accomplishments. So celebrate and enjoy time with your friends and family! But also take these next few months as a time for transformation and finding yourself. Whatever you’re choosing to do after high school, mentally prepare yourself and try not to go into this next step of your life blindly. (Definitely don’t stress yourself out though!)

Know that your relationships will change and YOU will change. But also know that’s okay. You can’t go through a transition without change! As you enter this next phase, keep people around you that are supportive and truly have your best interest at heart. Start to weed out the toxic relationships that will stop you from growing into who you’re meant to be in this transition.

Take this summer to thank and spend time with your family. No matter how badly you want to get out of the house and live on your own right now, you will miss them! So cherish these moments- they might be some of your favorite memories later 🙂

Congrats to all 2016 graduates!!! Get excited for this next stage of your life, you’re gonna crush it!








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  • Such a beautifully written letter. & also what precious pictures to keep!! ^_^

    Katie // Words By Katie

    • Kelsey

      Thanks so much Katie! 🙂

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