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Dear High School Graduates

May 31, 2016

Dear High School Graduates, (1)

This weekend I stood with my family outside of an arena in a sea of 18 year olds wearing the same royal blue gown and surrounded by teary eyed parents and shouts of “Smile!” and “Congrats!”. My younger brother graduated high school this weekend and while I wish he would stop growing up, I’m SO incredibly proud of him. We attended the same high school (and now we’re going to the same college!!!) so going to his graduation ceremony completely took me back to my graduation two years ago. Read more…

Thoughts & Octane Coffee

February 23, 2016

12976125_1703568113225791_437955577_nHappy Tuesday! Aren’t you so happy Monday is over?? Only 3 more days until the weekend rolls back around (yessss!)

The past month and a half have honestly been pretty chill but also productive since I’ve had to take this semester off for medical reasons. I’ve spent time getting into photography, taking voice lessons, creating this blog, and several other things I’ll have to make time for when I return to school. So many thoughts have gone through my head since I’ve been making an effort to be mindful and spending more time at home. Like have you ever thought about you can live in a city or neighborhood for so long and never really take a chance to explore it? Read more…

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