5 Ways To Make It Through Finals Week

May 3, 2016

5 Ways to Make It Through Finals Week


The semester is coming to an end and you might be having all the feels that seem to come packaged with finals week. My finals weeks are always filled with ridiculous amounts of Starbucks, 50 tabs of information open on my laptop, and tables covered in notebooks and sticky notes. Unfortunately there’s no way around your exams , but I have a few ways to reduce your stress and hopefully make this week a little easier for you.


Please please please make sure you’re taking breaks. The pomodoro technique is one of my favorite ways to work because it kind of forces me to take breaks. It works by choosing a task you want to get done and setting your timer for 25 minutes. During that time, completely turn off all distractions and dedicate the entire time towards working on that one thing. If you didn’t finish the task it’s okay! Take a 5-minute break then start working again for another 25 minutes. During the break you can grab a snack or sneak onto social media for a sec then get right back to working! It’s perfect when prepping for finals because the work and studying we do never truly ends until we sit down to take the exam.

Don’t you love that feeling when you finish a final and (regardless if you did well or not), it’s just finally over? You should reward yourself! Even if you still have to study for 3 more exams, you deserve to take a break and do something you enjoy before you jump right back into studying.



I’m not saying go to the gym for 2 hours and work yourself to exhaustion, but try to make a little time to get your endorphins going this week! Before I start studying in the morning, I love to stretch and do a little yoga just to get my body moving before I sit at my desk all day.

Try walking to all of your exams this week and avoid taking the bus. Maybe instead of staying in your dorm or the library all day, you can find a table outside to review those textbook chapters. Getting some fresh air will definitely break up the monotony of studying in the same space and save you from looking at those ugly walls in the library!



Guilty of this? I know I am. The stress of this week makes us think about everything we did “wrong” this semester. Beating yourself up over your grades on past assignments only brings extra stress and wastes time that could be spent putting your full energy into your finals! There is absolutely nothing you can do about the past. Nothing. And really, that’s okay!

Don't Ruin Today Quote 

I repeat this to myself on a daily basis because it’s so important that we focus on the present and what we can do today. More importantly we have to stop ridiculing ourselves. Not only does it feel terrible, but it gets you no where if you truly want to change and improve.

You are your biggest supporter! There are a ton of people in your life that love and support you, but it doesn’t matter if you don’t support and love yourself. So instead of rehearsing what you could and should have done this semester, focus on doing your absolute best right now!



Summer is right around the corner! If you feel yourself getting extremely stressed out and overwhelmed definitely take a break, and envision what you’ll be doing over the break. Get excited and make sure you treat yourself after that last final!



When this week is over, you’ll never have to look at this course material again and you can move on. It’s hard to see it this way when you’re in the middle of this hectic time – but grades and GPAs are only numbers. I know they can define different aspects of your college experience like financial aid and organization membership, but try not to let them completely overtake your life or mental and physical health.

Since I’ve taken this semester off I’m seeing that there is SO SO SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOO much more to our lives that isn’t measured by a number. SO MUCH MORE. Please trust me on this one. I’m not denying that school is incredibly important, but make sure that you always put yourself and your health first.

No matter what happens this week, I believe in you and I’m cheering you on! Put your favorite studying playlist on repeat and don’t give up!

Repeat after me: I CAN DO THIS.

What keeps you motivated and how do you get through finals week? Love to hear from you in the comments!

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  • The Sunday Mode

    It’s been a while since I’ve had to do any hardcore studying (thank goodness I’ve already graduated!) but I would’ve loved to read something like this when I was in the thick of it. I think as you said it’s so important to think beyond the numbers, life really isn’t about that at all.


    • Kelsey

      Ahh it’s crazy how caught up we can get in the numbers instead of enjoying college and actually learning!!! And thank you so much! 🙂

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